Roommate Transfer

A roommate transfer is applicable in this situation:

  • At least one resident is staying at the property but the others are moving out and need to be taken off the lease
  • 1. Make an appointment with Armadillo Property Management, Inc. to meet with all parties involved, remaining, vacating, and new residents, to go over the transfer process. All remaining, new, & moving tenants must sign the roommate transfer form.

    2. The Transfer fee of $300 and any balances on the account such as late fees, maintenance fees must be paid prior to the process being started.

    3. An inspection of the property will be performed by a representative of Armadillo Property Management, Inc. with all parties involved, remaining, vacating and new residents.

    4. If the utilities are in the name of the Vacating Resident(s) they must be transferred into the Remaining Resident(s) name.

    5. The New roommate must fill out an application and pay the $50 application fee and qualify prior to moving in. It is important that the new roommate understand that they ate assuming full responsibility for the premises INCLUDING, but not limited to rent, damages, cleaning, utilities and carpet cleaning.

    6. The Roommate Transfer Agreement is not binding until Armadillo Property Management has signed the transfer form and a new lease is signed with the Remaining roommate(s) and the New roommate(s).

    Any deposit stays with the property.  Armadillo Property Management will NOT return any security deposit to any resident in a roommate transfer. This should be decided among the residents, remaining, vacating and new.

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